Anti Microbial Film

Benefits of the Course

COVID 19 isn’t going anywhere as it;s part of everyday life now. The next challenge is learning to live with the virus while maintaining a safe & clean environment for everyone. 

There are films on the market designed to kill bacteria after a single touch to help maintain clean environments. These films are best utilized in public and high traffic areas to remove 99.9% of viruses and germs to protect the community.

This course will teach you all the necessary information to promote your use of such films. Understanding the benefits and functions of anti microbial films will allow you to protect your local communities.

Hands on

Avoid reading through all the scientific reports and educational material. Learn hands-on in an easy-to-understand format. See the film in action.

Flexible Payments

PFD Training is dedicating to teaching you everything you need to get started now. We understand that flexible payment options will allow you to start now and pay later.

Take Home Product

Get started straight away with the knowledge and tools you need to start installing antimicrobial film & protecting your community.

why choose paint protection

Why choose Anti Microbial?


Protect your Community

Do all you can to keep a clean and safe environment for your clients and staff.


Added Business Value

Promote to your clients that your business is safe and taking extra precautions.


Infection Control

Stopping the spread through prevention has greater affect than cures.

Flat Glass What I'll learn

What Will I Learn?

  • The different films and brands available on the market
  • The science behind how the film works
  • The installation process for the various films
  • Benefits of using the film in different industries and spaces
  • Promotional material for advertising in your own business

What are you waiting for?

Be at the forefront of leading film technology by using and installing anti microbial film. This course will give you the knowledge, experience, and confidence you need to get started.

Day Course

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% Hands on

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Full Course Fee


Film & Marketing Materials

1 Day

8:00am – 2:00pm

          2 Locations


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