Automotive Wrapping

Benefits of the Course

Automotive car wrapping requires precision and skill that can only be learnt through hands-on experience. Automotive wrapping courses provided by industry professionals will get you hands-on and wrapping your first car.

Learn all the tricks and tips to successfully wrap a car with high-quality wrapping materials from the best industry teachers.

Hands on

This course is 5% theoretical knowledge, 95% hands on. Get the real experience and understanding of the service so you can start offering it to clients right away.

Flexible Payments

PFD Training is dedicating to teaching you everything you need to get started now. We understand that flexible payment options will allow you to start now and pay later.

Take Home Product

Get started straight away with 6 units of ceramic coating product. You’ll leave the course with everything you need to start offering ceramic coating protection.
Benefits of the Course

Why choose Automotive Wrapping


Add on a Service

Already own a business in the automotive industry? Offer an in-demand service to current and potential customers.

Learn a skill

Watching tutorials online won’t give you the help and guidance you need to start wrapping cars professionally. Learn from industry best.

Segway to Car Graphics

Learning to wrap a car is a fundamental skill needed before wrapping vehicles with promotional graphics.
Flat Glass What I'll learn

What Will I Learn?

  • The differences between vinyl wraps and the types of wraps available on the market
  • Correct surface prep
  • Tips and tricks to a successful vinyl application
  • How to use and apply knifeless tape when vinyl wrapping
  • Post heating processes
  • Quoting and estimating on vinyl wrap
  • Maintenance and care for vinyl wraps
  • Industry knowledge and insights

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking about learning to wrap cars, you will not see any other opportunity like this one. This course will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence you need to get started.

Day Course

Courses in 2021

Spots per course

% Hands on

Other Details


Full Course Fee


Wrapping pouch including:


Application cards

3 Tuckings tools

Car wrapping magnets

3 Days

8:30am – 3:00pm

2 Locations:


          2 Locations


From Our Students
Feedback from our students is so valuable to us so we can continue to improve our course to help you! Here’s a few things our students have to say about their experience with PFD Training.
We sent 2 of our detailers to the course and they came back with brand new skill set, that we were able to start offering thorough our business.
Monika Salias

Operations Director, Detail King

“We use PFD training to get our new staff trained up quickly – we also buy all our wrap via their wholesale distributors.”
Andrea Grendaly

Owner / Director, Wrapped

“The course was brilliant gave me everything I needed to be able to start my own business in wrapping.”
Eddy Shu

Owner , Self Employed

“Thanks so much to PFD for the course, I know have a full-time job wrapping at an awesome business.
Toni Ewer

Wrap Tech