Paint Correction &

Ceramic Coat Training

Benefits of the Course

Whether it’s a new vehicle or second hand, some people like to protect their assets. Ceramic coating protects the exterior paint of any vehicle from scratches and chips. 

For new vehicles, you may be able to simply appy ceramic coating to protect paint. However, most vehicles will have some scratches, paint chips or swirl marks. You will need to buff these out and create a smooth surface before apply ceramic coating. 

This 95% hands on course will give you all the practical experience you need to be able to correctly and safely perform this service. 

Hands on

This course is 5% theoretical knowledge, 95% hands on. Get the real experience and understanding of the service so you can start offering it to clients right away.

Flexible Payments

PFD Training is dedicating to teaching you everything you need to get started now. We understand that flexible payment options will allow you to start now and pay later.

Take Home Product

Get started straight away with 6 units of ceramic coating product. You’ll leave the course with everything you need to start offering ceramic coating protection.

Benefits of the Course

Why choose Ceramic Coating?


In Demand

There is a high demand for professionals who can complete a high quality finish


Get straight on the tools

Leave the course with everything you need to start offering a ceramic coating service


Great Profit

Ceramic Coating products are priced to allow a great profit margin after installation

Flat Glass What I'll learn

What Will I Learn?

  • The properties of the ceramic coating product
  • How to correctly and safely buff and polish a vehicle
  • Hygiene and safety procedures for applying ceramic coating
  • Stage One paint protection practices
  • All steps for paint protection
  • Smooth application of ceramic coating
  • Step by step guide

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking about offering paint protection and ceramic coating, you will not see any other opportunity like this one. This course will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence you need to get started.

Day Course

Courses in 2021

Spots per course

% Hands on

Other Details


Full Course Fee


Ceramic Coat Product

(6 units valued at $600)

1 Day

8:00am – 2:00pm

          2 Locations


From Our Students


Feedback from our students is so valuable to us so we can continue to improve our course to help you! Here's a few things our students have to say about their experience with PFD Training.

"I tried this course because I'm looking to find a new job. Best decision, loved the course and feel confident to find a job."

Jess Touchi


“Attended the course as a refresher. The teaching style was great. Will definitely be recommending”

Mick Rogers

Operations Director

“My boss put me through the course so I can provide the service to our existing customers. I had the best teacher and now know how to do it properly”

Nikhil Singh

Garage Hand

“After completing the course, I feel confident teaching my staff how to perform the service to offer our clients”

Sarah Meyer

Shop Manager