PPF Training

Benefits of the Course

Car lovers understand the importance of protecting their vehicle’s paint. Whether it’s a $22,000 or $168,000 car, protecting your assets is important to look after the things you love. 

Learning the correct method for quoting, installing and taking care of Paint Protection Film will ensure you provide the highest quality service to all your clients. 

This Paint Protection Course will give you all the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to start wrapping vehicles. Whether you want to add the service to your existing business or looking for somewhere to start car detailing, Paint Protection is a valuable and sought after service.

Hands on

This course is 20% theoretical knowledge, 80% hands on. Get the real experience and understanding of the service so you can start offering it to clients right away.

Flexible Payments

PFD Training is dedicating to teaching you everything you need to get started now. We understand that flexible payment options will allow you to start now and pay later.

Take Home Product

Get started straight away with the knowledge and tools you need to start offering Paint Protection. All you need to do is purchase your Paint Protection film.

why choose paint protection

Why choose Paint Protection?


Premium Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film is the top level paint protection on the market


Added Business Value

Adding PPF services to your existing business is value added to your clients


High End Clients

Attract higher-end clients with a premium service & quality products

Flat Glass What I'll learn

What Will I Learn?

  • Vehicle inspection & quoting
  • Cleaning and prepping for the service
  • 2 Installation methods
  • How to install PPF using cut kits
  • Door cut and door edge installation
  • Aftercare / caring for the PPF

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking about offering paint protection, you will not see any other opportunity like this one. This course will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence you need to get started.

Day Course

Courses in 2021

Spots per course

% Hands on

Other Details


Full Course Fee


Spray bottle, knife & PPF installation card

2 Days

8:00am – 2:00pm

2 Locations:


          2 Locations


From Our Students

Feedback from our students is so valuable to us so we can continue to improve our course to help you! Here’s a few things our students have to say about their experience with PFD Training.

“The PPF course was really interesting and taught me everything I need to know to start working on cars”

Monique Brown


“We purchased PPF from PFD but only recently discovered their training course. All our staff previously learnt from online video learning. This course was great to show them the correct method hands on”

Allan Chan

Operations Director

“I wanted to add PPF to my services but didn’t know how to do it. Now I can confidently offer it to my clients”

Mark Smith

Garage Manager

“I attended the course so I can teach my staff proper installation methods. The teacher was very thorough and skilled in demonstrating the necessary skills”

Brinda Nath

Training & Development Coordinator